Ah Hum! - Proudly South Australian, is a Latin band of cosmopolitan chic. The core ensemble of ten joined by guest artists, share an enthusiasm for the infectious rhythms of Afro-Cuban music. This band reflects the rich cultural diversity, talent and aspiration of those within our midst. ​

With a phenomenal vibe the band's leader Mario Vasquez, pumps the crowd to euphoria and is often seen jumping from the stage to tutor cheeky salsa steps. Nanis Rodriguez, the lead singer of the band, soars to prominence with startling clarity due to her insightful powerful voice.

Adam Carroll on congas mesmerizes the audience with control of musical space and intuitive rhythmic sense. Jorge Mauricio Gualdron's spirited and riveting timbales works to Rodrigo Gonzalez's complex intersecting rhythms on bongos to Chi Thapa's tumbao bass lines reveals all the magic and majesty at play between them.


The stunning Los Metales horn section featuring Charlie Thomas on trombone, Harrison Smith on trumpet and Jake Goss on alto sax augments the riveting excitement.  While Aidan McDonough on keyboard displays his virtuosity and professional pizazz.

Ah Hum! use to be occasionally featured in the midnight gig in Adelaide’s premier nightclub, Casablabla. The exotic global crowd shimmers and pulsates to the sexy congas and brass blasts of Ah Hum!’s Saturday night frenzy. Cool dudes and stilletoed beauties of all ages, spin fancy footwork and whirl the intricate embraces of Latin dance. In a flight of fantasy, one imagines oneself in a truly awesome club in New York! That’s what’s hot about Ah Hum!

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